Precast compound wall vs traditional compound wall

{“type”:”block”,”srcClientIds”:[“e17222b8-06b9-4c97-a8a7-45b9572bdb46″],”srcRootClientId”:””}Normally the bricks are the common choice compound walls to easy work with it and now the precast concrete compound wall is the superior solution to build a compound wall with better design. The precast compound wall creates the classic building designs. The Here in this hub we will take a look on the difference between the precast compound wall and the traditional compound wall.


Traditional compound wall

  1. The traditional compound wall bricks made from the clay and its durability depends upon the quality of plaster used.
  2. The erection time of traditional compound wall takes minimum a week for just 100-meter compound wall construction. The traditional compound wall consists of multi individual bricks so we need lengthy installation and hard labour process.
  3. In terms of materials the traditional bricks are very expensive.
  4. In case the wall turning failure during the construction then a large section might be damaged and we need to create almost the new compound wall construction.
  5. The traditional bricks are providing less security. The bricks are only 150mm thickness so it will be easily breakable by the hard tools.

Precast compound wall

  1. The precast compound wall bricks made from the concrete and steel materials and it is very heavy and durable compared to the traditional bricks.
  2. The erection time of 100-meter precast compound wall construction will take minimum of 2 days. so that, precast compound wall drastically reduces working time.
  3. The precast concrete panels are cost effective one and provides long lasting life.
  4. In case the wall turning failure during the construction only few columns might be affected so we need to replace the few concrete panels only. Then doing the minor repairs the panels are to be a reusable one. The precast compound walls are need less amount of repair cost and instant reinstallation process.
  5. The precast panels are providing high security. The panels are manufactured by the high tensile reinforced wires with high grade concrete so it can be break by mechanically.